All secret planets in Solar Smash – how to unlock

Solar Smash is one of the best mobile games because you can play with the ground. In Solar Smash, you can unlock many planets, from flat ground to gingerbread. Below is a list of all the planets that you can create, and ways to unlock them.

Flat Earth

Go to the grid in the upper left corner of the screen and move the X and Z sliders to the middle. Leave Y al1. Next, you must untie all hell on the ground with as large destruction as possible. Most people prefer to use a laser, and then install it by 5, because it is easier to control. When you finish, you will have a flat disk.

You just need to drop the planet from there, and it will become flat land from above and scorched land from below.


The snowman land is quite simple. Grab your freezing beam and cover the entire planet with ice. Drop the planet after the earth completely freezes, and you can find a snowman in the menu of your planets.

Donut Earth

Go to the grid in the upper left corner of the screen and move the X and Z sliders to the middle. Do not move the yella y. The next step is to bring down to the ground as much destruction as possible. After you finish, you will have a flat disk.

Return to the grid and move the X and Z sliders to the left. With the help of a laser, you can cut a hole in the middle of the disk, creating the appearance of a square donut. All you need to do is restart the planet, and it will turn into a planet in the form of a donut.

Cube of the Earth

Go to the grid in the upper left corner of the screen and move the slider X, Y and Z to the middle. Then you can start blowing the ground. The planet will ultimately become a scorched cube, and it is then that you will drop it. After reset, it will become a cubic planet.

Phantom World

The only way to unlock the ghostly ghostly world is to attack the Earth with a million beats. Choose a purple ghost weapon on the monsters tab, then hit the ground as much as possible. You unlocked the planet-ghost, as soon as you saw a notification of achievement for dividing the Earth into pieces!


This is difficult because it requires very good time. You must first get the killer of the planets and use it on Earth. You must wait until the earth is about to explode, and then drop the settings before this happens. The trick is to wait until the earth becomes completely orange before restart. If you do everything right, you will unlock the pumpkin land.


This is a more complex version of pumpkin land. You can turn your land into a snowman, and then use the planet killer on it. You must let the snowman be fried to orange before letting it. Reduce speed after the planet begins to glow orange if you have problems.

minecraft block world

This is probably the simplest planet on this list. Take one of the green missiles in the upper right corner of the world and turn it into a cube. Shoot the rocket into the cube, then, when the green explosion begins on the planet, drop it. Then it will be the Minecraft block world.

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