The Cycle: Frontier Best Weapons.

The Cycle: Frontier is a collection of garbage and battles in the PVPVE environment. This means that you need to have a first-class weapon to survive in harsh conditions. This is where our list of the best weapons in The Cycle: Frontier appears.

To help you choose the best weapon for use in The Cycle: Frontier, we have prepared this leadership in which we will show you the best weapon in The Cycle Frontier and explain to you that this weapon actually makes so powerful.

Cycle: Frontier Best Weapon

Below we have a rating of the 5 best guns in The Cycle Frontier. The most important factors affecting the decision on the placement of each weapon are the ratio of price and quality, the process of obtaining, PVP performance and PVE performance.

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  1. Voltaic Brute SMG
  2. Rifle with a longitudinal-sliding shutter C-36
  3. Warranty ICA LMG
  4. Asp Flechette Pistol
  5. Kinetic referee DMG

1-Voltaic Brute Smg

Voltaic Brute SMG is currently the most ruined weapon in The Cycle Frontier. Despite the fact that this is a submachine gun, it practically does not have a drop in damage, so you can put a sight on it and mow people from afar, as if you used an automatic machine gun.

He also has crazy rate and accuracy, so you do not even need to try to aim at people’s heads. You just need to aim in their general direction and hold the fire button; The gun will do everything else for you.

This means that you do not even need to spend time improving mechanics in order to go crazy with the Voltaic Brute SMG. Just arm yourself with a gun and start mowing people!

The most crazy in this weapon is how easy it is to get it. This is the cheapest exotic weapon with high penetrating ability in the game, so you don’t even need to grin too much to get it.

2-Rifle with a longitudinal shutter C-36

The C-36 bolt rifle is one of the most powerful weapons in the PVP game that guarantees the murder of opponents with low armor with one shot in the head.

This sniper rifle has an insanely high basic damage for a shot. This means that you will not need to carry with you a bunch of ammunition every time you go to the raid. This makes a rifle with a c-36 bolt shutter very effective and cheap to use.


If you encounter an enemy with weak armor, this weapon will melt it faster than you have time to blink. And even if they have high-level armor, you can kill them with only two shots in the head.

The only drawback of the C-36 Bolt Action Rifle rifle is the fact that it is a sniper rifle, so some players may be difficult to use it. To use such a weapon, you need to have an excellent sight, quick reaction and the correct understanding of how to position yourself against enemies.

If you meet the above criteria, a rifle with a longitudinal shutter S-36 should become your perfect weapon.

3-ICA LMG guarantee

Remaining true to its name, ICA Guarantee LMG guarantees you fragments on the battlefield. This is a large-caliber machine gun with high damage, rate of fire, armor penetration and a store capacity, but with low accuracy.

This weapon has the highest rate of fire among all assault rifles in the game. When using the ICA Guarantee ICA Guarantee in the close and medium distance, you can use it to completely break through any enemy without even giving it the opportunity to breathe.

It works great both in PVP and PVE. The only problem with a gun is its sound. Since this is a large-caliber machine gun, it is very loud. This may work against you if you are trying to be secretive.

4-ASP shooting

ASP Flechette is similar to the younger brother of the Voltaic Brute submachine gun. He probably has the best ratio of price and quality from all guns in The Cycle Frontier.

This is an incredibly accurate submachine gun with amazing rate of fire. He has a rather strong return, but you can learn how to control it, shooting in bursts instead of just shooting and praying.

In fact, ASP Flechette Gun has no big flaws. And with how easy it is to get it, he is actually somewhat suppressed.

5-Kinetic referee DMG

Kinetic Arbiter is an absolute beast. This is an excellent long-range weapon that destroys anyone who has a low-level armor. She has amazing accuracy, armor penetration and great damage, which makes her a very well-balanced sniper rifle.

The only disadvantage of Kinetic Arbiter is tracing. He has a very noticeable tracier, so enemies will be able to easily determine your position if you spit with this weapon.

This means that you need to be very careful when using this weapon. Sit right and make timely shots to use weapons with maximum efficiency.