The trailer for Controls Structure evokes one more odd journey

The Foundation DLC will be released on March 26 on PlayStation 4 and Computer by means of the Impressive Games shop. Xbox One players will certainly nonetheless have to wait until June 25. In addition to the DLC, a free update will certainly also be released, with the Shield Rush upgrade, a system that enables you to reapportion ability and many modifications in lifestyle, so also if you do not plan ‘Obtaining the DLC, still have factors to return to the suit.

The trailer offers brand-new atmospheres, still in firm consumption with the brutalist style of the primary game, new adversaries and new powers. While we obtain blinking images from the several images and also seems that we will enjoy throughout the DLC, a threatening and also memorable tune plays, including in stress. (If you really like the track, it’s not waving-24.).


All this acts as a terrific access to bring you back to the dense world of the game if you likedControl _.

It appears that the celestial airplane collides with ours, and the earliest house remains in danger. As Jesse Faden, we must once more endeavor deeply in the oldest home searching for Helen Marshall, the chief of went away operations, and also address the topic of the board of directors, the most old as well as the brand-new threat to which he faces.

Solution’sControlis a beautifully strange gaming slice, kissing the ideas of the New Weird branch of the literary tree and sending the players on a trip to the unknown. A brand-new trailer published for the DLC Foundation promises even more of the exact same point but also attracts us with the pledge of answers to several melting questions.