Cycle: The location of medical supplies Frontier

Medical supplies are one of the unusual materials in the world of The Cycle: Frontier. As the name implies, medical supplies are mainly used for the manufacture of therapeutic agents that will help you in battle. This guide will help you find the medications in The Cycle: Frontier.

Cycle: The location of medical supplies Frontier

Medical supplies can be used to make a combat first-aid kit, combat stimulant, recovery shield and recovery shield. Despite the fact that this is an unusual material, there are several places on the maps of bright sands and crescents where you can find a lot of medicines.

Medical are mainly inside medical cases as well as hidden caches around the map.

If you already have it in abundance, you can sell it for 325 thousand marks, but, given how small this amount is not very profitable.

The location of medical supplies in Bright Sands

There are not many medicines on the map of bright sands, but you can still farm them here. Nevertheless, you will start the search with crashed ship then you will go northwest to the side of the jungle camp where you can find several medical boxes and hidden hiding places in this area.

Next, you continue the search in the direction of Laboratory of the waterfall . Wandering through the institution, you will find many medical boxes and hidden hiding places. Finally, vaccine laboratories will be the perfect place to continue the search. There will be a couple of medical boxes that you can pick up.

Medical Institutions Crossbells Folls

Unlike Bright Sands, a lot of medicines are hidden in the crossbar of the farm on the entire map. You can start searching with Favel . Then you continue the search so that green avenue as well as amplification room in the base camp .

After you searched these two places, you will go to Pinnakl Labs in the upper part of the map, where you will again find hidden hiding places and medicines that are just lying around.