How to get clay blocks in minecraft

If you want to make clay blocks in the popular Minecraft game, you will need to collect clay. Clay is a very useful resource necessary for the manufacture of clay blocks. Fortunately, in the game you can collect clay near various sources of water. The best sources of water for the search for CLEI are rivers and lakes. You can also find clay naturally in oceans and on the beaches. As soon as you find clay, you can get it by breaking the block with a tool.

But if you want to get the entire clay block without breaking it, you will need to enchant a silk touch in Minecraft. If you do not have a silk touch spell, do not worry, since you do not need to get clay, just get a clay block without breaking it. Breaking clay blocks, you will get clay balls. Fortunately, you can use these clay balls to create clay blocks using a workbench.

how to make clay in blocks in minecraft

To make clay blocks in Minecraft, take four clay balls and place them in four slots, as shown in the image below.

What can be made from clay blocks in minecraft?


As soon as you make clay blocks in Minecraft, you can use blocks for the manufacture of terracotta. Terracotta is a decorative block from which several subspecies can be made. To make the fence of terracotta blocks, you will need to use a certain dye. Another option that you can do is glazed terracotta which requires the player to make a painted terracott and put it in the furnace.

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