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God of War Ragnarok points to a state of play in a few days thanks to the most reliable insider in the world

The launch date of God of War Ragnarok is one of the greatest unknowns of this 2022 at the moment. But the truth is that it seems close to solving. Everything indicates that this month we will have a State of Play based on the adventures of Kratos and Domen.

It is not official and a rumor with which to speculate, but the information comes from Insider_WTF , a mysterious Twitter account that has just been active, but has successfully right. So much that we want to ask about the winning combination of the Euromillones.

Gow Ragnarok’s moment


In case you do not know who this mysterious insider is, it is an account that has absolutely right everything that has predicted. And they have not been banal things. From the previous State of Play with all its games, until the arrival of Hollow Knight to Xbox Game Pass or until the launch of Final Fantasy Cris Crisis in all systems, that is so far its last achievement.

In the last hours, this person has published a Gif of God of War that anticipates news very soon about the game. In addition to Kratos, we see a series of numbers: 11110 .

What do these numbers mean? The first thing we might think is the launch date , which could well be October 11 or even November 10 or 11, depending on the format we want to give. But there is another option that seems more consistent and in which few people have fallen.

11110 results in 30 If we translate it into the binary code. Some and zeros can be the key and, if we tie up, it can be the way to point to a content about God of War on the 30th of this month. A State of Play starring Kratos and Domen at the end of June, as it had already rumored.

Although we give a very high credibility watching its history , we remember, as it is that these are rumors, which is not official information yet. Of course, if we take into account the margins of time, it should be imminent.