Pokemon Nieves of Hisui: Where and how to see the three episodes of the free anime miniseries

The three episodes that make up the Anime Pokémon Nieves Miniseries of Hisui, an original story inspired by the most recent video game of the saga , Pokémon Arceus are now available. Like the title developed by Gamefreak, the argument is located in the HISUI region, which many years later will be known by Sinnoh. We tell you how to enjoy the series for free and where you can see it.

Pokémon Nieves’s argument of Hisui moves the viewer to this remote era. The protagonist is called Alec, A young doctor of Doctor who plans to travel to the HISUI region to obtain certain medicinal herbs that he needs in order to perform his profession.

While he travels the path, he comes to his memory from his poriginal storyt, when he woriginal story even younger. Together with his father he traveled to Hisui, at which time an important lesson woriginal story taught: Humans and Pokémon can live . When Alec runs into a Zorua from Hisui, the meaning of this lesson can change dramatically..


Episodes, title of each chapter and where to see

All episodes are available with Spanish subtitles on the official YouTube channel in Pokémon Spain.

Episode 1: On ice cream | In Hisui, many grow up thinking that people and Pokémon cannot live together. But when Alec meets Zorua from Hisui, his vision of his Pokémon will change!

Episode 2: fearsome reflexes in snow | After falling through a cliff, Alec and Zorua de Hisui work original story a team to rise again. However, when Alec returns in the company of a Pokémon, his father’s reaction surprises him!

Episode 3: two shades | While he remembers the time he shared with Zorua from Hisui years ago, Alec finally arrives in Hisui. But the question is… what horiginal story been of his friendship?

Legends Pokémon Arceus went on sale at the beginning of the year exclusively for Nintendo Switch and horiginal story made record numbers . At the end of this year the two new editions will arrive on the market, Pokémon purple and scarlet.