Character: Numeration returns with a new trailer, pictures and information of its function as well as action proposition

The attention of the viewers and also fans of the Avatar Universe may be placed in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, an activity as well as adventure video game signed by the designers of The Department 2, but while Ubisoft decides or otherwise leave us, from 20th Century squeeze the accelerator And they rent out the license of their epic science fiction story to Tencent, which has been prepared for a couple of months Avatar: Numeration.


With this record, they verify from Tencent, players can not just feel the dream and majesty of Pandora, yet likewise part of the material of the RPG-Shooter for mobiles, making us clear just how the fluidness of the video game battles will be. Going along with the trailer you can likewise see numerous pictures of the project that, it seems, will precede to China, although its release day has not been detailed.

Character: Projection assures Make your very own choices in an experience loaded with synergy. At the moment say goodbye to details have actually been shared regarding the proposal.

This is an RPG of Action-Shooter for iOS and Android that we currently discussed at the beginning of the year. Currently, those accountable have actually taken a walk with an occasion arranged by the Asian corporation, offering a powerful trailer that takes the gamers back to the abundant Pandora, revealing from very high millenary trees to mountains, rivers and poltergeists that fly easily overhead .