Creator of One Piece considered to finish the series ahead of time

As much, one of the longest anime series in history has been One Piece, which today is very advanced in the arc of Wano , one of the most extensive in the work coming from Japan. Now, the manga is about to enter its final arch, but its creator Eichiro Oda , was about to finish the narrative long before time.

The creator once told fans that he considered finishing his project about ten years ago. In 2012 , the artist had to make a difficult decision after seeing how his work schedule affected his family. In an interview, Oda admitted that he depressed himself in 2012 and wondered if he should end up after her daughter told him that he was too busy to spend enough time with her.


During this period, it seems that Oda struggled even more to see his family regularly, and mangaka admits that things improved after his daughter grew up. The daughter of Oda rescued a Chihuahua at the time and the ties became very close. This gave her time to devote himself to One Piece , and in a few days she will take a break to continue working.

In news related to _one piece. It was confirmed in the last issue of the manga that a character has revealed the true identity of him, being an important piece of the war made in Wano . In case you want to know who he is, we invite you to click on the following link.