Is an anime Hamtaro? Answered

There is always a certain debate about popular animated programs regarding whether they count as an anime. Part of that debate is Hamtaro, a nice animated program that turns completely around hamsters. We are here to cancel this argument once and for all for Answer whether Hamtaro is an anime .

Yes Hamtaro is an anime or not

debate recently published our own guide on what makes an animated program an anime. This guide, or section, mentions that it is mainly the aspect of being a Japanese animation production that makes something an anime. Because of this, ** Hamtaro is absolutely an anime.

Beyond that is the fact that the Hamtaro program was adapted from a manga, something that is, in general, exclusive to anime. There is also a great gap in the amount of Hamtaro that was launched in the West against Japan. Only 105 Hamaro episodes were issued in English, while Japan had 296.


What is Hamstaro?

Hamtaro is, as has been said, an anime about hamsters that was first broadcast in Japan in 2000. Yes, it is quite old.

For a little more than a detailed summary written by Crunchyroll:

Laura Haruna, a fifth grade student, has a hamster and is called Hamtaro. After moving to a new city, Hamtaro discovers that she is in the company of many different hamsters, forming a group of hamsters who undertake crazy adventures in the city. However, before saving Laura and other humans from unpleasant situations, they have to learn to save themselves.

There she has it, all the answers she needs when it comes to if Hamtaro is an anime . If you are looking for more anime goodness, we have a function on who is the strongest anime character from 2022.

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