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71 % off! Control Ultimate Edition + Disco Elidium The Final Cut bundle on sale

At Steam, a bundle sale, including the psychic action ADV Control Ultimate Edition , has started.

Control is a third-person perspective adventure game with powerful actions, where the director of the New York confidential institution uses psychic powers to fight world threats. Control Ultimate Edition is a package that includes the first paid DLD The Foundation and the second AWE in the main game.

Here are the Control Ultimate Edition bundles on sale.

CONTROL Ultimate Edition + Disco Elidium the Final Cut bundle

Disco Elidium the Final Cut, which is scheduled to be released in the Japanese version, is a roll-playing game that has been very highly evaluated overseas. In addition to the main game, full voice by voice actors from all over the world is included, and new quests have been added.

Control Ultimate Edition and Disco Elysium-The Final Cut bundle are on sale for 71 % off 2,636 yen.

CONTROL Ultimate Edition + Prey Digital Deluxe bundle

PREY is a science fiction action that aims to escape from the space station Talos I occupied by a mysterious creature in 2032. PREY DIGITAL DELUXE includes the main game of the game, as well as the multiplayer mini game PREY: Typhoon Hunter and downloaded content PREY-MOONCRASH.

Control Ultimate Edition + PREY DIGITAL DELUXE bundle is on sale for 75 % off for 2,335 yen.

Control Ultimate Edition + Alan Wake Franchise bundle

In addition to the Alan Wake of the game itself, the psychosliller ALAN WAKE Franchise is the Alan Wake’s American Nightmare expansion pack Alan Wake’s American Nightmare that adds weapons, locations, and high difficulty mode, and the back of the production of this work. Alan Wake Collector’s Edition Extras contains videos and illustration books that can be done, and high-quality soundtracks (MP3 format) recorded in 49 minutes are included.

Control Ultimate Edition + Alan Wake Franchise bundle is on sale for 73 % off for 2,290 yen.