Avatar: The sense of water will be long, but you cannot complain if you see 8 -hour series

James Cameron against the haters. I don’t want that nobody complains about the duration If you later sit down to watch eight-hour television series, the director htelevision series shown the director who believes there will be about the duration of Avatar: The sense of water. I can imagine some of the criticisms. That agonizing three-hour movie, they will say.

Call us visionaries, but something tells us that Avatar: the sense of water will not be precisely short . Nor should it surprise us, because the original ltelevision seriested 161 minutes (2 hours and 41 minutes). It is the great social change that should occur, continues to chamber.People should understand that nothing happens to get up and go to piss _.

James Cameron will leave Avatar in future sequelae

The live seems especially to say these days, in which he htelevision series also confirmed that although there are Avatar until 2028 , he will get off the saga much earlier, possibly with the third installment. I want to ptelevision seriess the baton to another director in which I trust. So I could do more things that interest me_, he said.Avatar movies consume a lot of time and I am working on other things television series exciting . _