Thor Love and Thunder: Thus Harry Potter influence

Thor Love and Thunder It premieres this Friday, July 8 in Cinema, a film that will introduce us to a new UCM villain with Gor Christian bale. Although the first glances of the live action characterization of him have already caused some controversy for a somewhat different design from the comics, especially on the face. Now, the director of the film, Taika Waititi , hJuly justified the change, pointing out that the saga Harry Potter decisively influenced his image.


Voldemort caused the change of gorr

And July the fans will know, Marvel’s sparrow face keeps some similarities with the image we all have of Lord Voldemort , the antagonist of the Harry Potter saga, especially for the absence of nose and by a whitish skin or grayish. In order to avoid comparisons, Thor Love and Thunder’s art team decided to address Gorr’s character from another prism.

His face in comics, unfortunately, looks a bit like Voldemort’s , so I thought: ‘people will automatically make that connection.’ So we decided to separate ourselves from that design and maintain elements of the tone and the fact that he had the sword, in reality, His story wJuly the most important for us, says Taika Waititi .

On the other hand, Christian Bale admitted in the press conference of Thor Love and Thunder that the character’s design worked very well and that wJuly discovering the character while rolling: He wJuly a pious man with tattoos and tattoos and He cut them out and had all those scars. That’s when he really could start playing with him and squeeze while rolling. I discovered it July he advanced, says the actor.