How to fight another coach with your friend in Pokemon Go

They want to know ** How to fight against other coaches with your Buddy in Pokemon Go? In addition, we will also explain the general process of how to challenge others in the various methods of the game.

How to fight another coach with your friend in Pokémon Go

When you play the Pokemon Go Anniversary event, you may notice a new task that requires you to fight another coach with your Buddy. To complete this, this is what you can do:

  • Feed your Pokémon with three berries to follow you.
  • Choose a team leader to train in the battle section of the menu.
  • Once you press the duel option, look for your Buddy in the collection (you should have a Buddy icon in your image).
  • Whether you win or lose, Pokemon Go still gives you the reward of the anniversary objective.

Once you have completed this task and the other objectives of the event, you can claim the challenge rewards, as shown here:

Another option that you can also use for this event is to use your Buddy in a battle against other players. To help you with this route, we will provide you with details about the different game procedures.

How to challenge other coaches in Pokémon Go

There are three different ways in which players can fight against other coaches with their Buddy in Pokemon Go: using a battle QR code, remote game online and participating in Go Battle League. So, let’s make a breakdown of each method.

Battle trainers with the Battle QR code

When you are near other Pokémon GO players, you will have the option to scan the battle code of each. This method works better if your opponent is not an Ultra Friend or Best Friend, since the remote game requires that you are in a specific friendship range. However, coaches must still be at level 10 or higher to use the QR code.

Those who wonder where to access your battle code can find it by pressing ‘battle’ in your main menu. Everything you have to do after this is to move down and should see the scanning option available.

Battle trainers with online remote game

If you have the right friend range, remote duels are essential for players who are far from each other. So, here is a step by step guide on how to do this method:


* Touch your coach profile while you are in the map view of Pokémon Go.

The location of your coach profile is in the lower left corner and shows a circular image of your character.

* Select the ‘Friend’ tab and choose the coach you want to fight with.

* Move through the coach’s profile to find the ‘battle’ option.

In your friend’s profile, you will see the ‘battle’ symbol next to ‘Send gift’ and ‘trade’. Press this and you will see a list of leagues to join, such as Great, Ultra and Master. Choose the one who wants, and everything should be ready to start.
Keep in mind that if its icon of ‘battle’ is gray, its range of friendship is not high enough.

Participate in the Pokémon Go League

The last option you can do to challenge other coaches is to fight in the Pokémon Go leagues with a randomly online player. This method allows you to play with users around the world using the global matching system of the game. However, you must follow the rules of each league to use this function.

In Great League, you can only use Pokémon with a maximum CP of 1500, while Ultra League gives you permission to go even higher with a maximum CP of 2500. Finally, if you do not especially like restrictions, you can participate in the Master League, that has no rules of limitation in battle. But, coaches must first have at least three 2500 cp or more pokémon to challenge others in this tournament.

We hope that this guide gives you a clearer understanding of How to fight against other coaches with your Buddy in Pokemon Go . While here, you can also explore the relevant links below and consult our guide on how to play with your Buddy in the game.

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