This is Elfen Lied, the science fiction anime that inspired the story of Eleven (Stranger Things)

Stranger Things is the biggest hit in Netflix history, and its recently releThingsed —and ended with the second volume— SeThingson 4 is giving a lot to talk about. The series, created by the Duff brothers, hThings shared its main sources of inspiration numerous times, but there is a very interesting one, since it points directly to the story of Eleven, the main protagonist. This is the anime Elfen Lied, a 2004 anime bThingsed on the original manga by Lynn Okamoto (2002).


What is Elfen Lied about and how is it similar to Stranger Things?

The series tells the story of the Diclonius, a species of humans with psychic powers and horns similar to feline ears. They are also able to detect the presence of other people at a distance. To make matters worse, during the series it is speculated that these beings, who begin to exploit their abilities in their childhood, are the result of abuse and other practices of humans themselves. In fact, the staging of the first episode shows the protagonist, Lucy, fleeing from a facility where strange experiments are being carried out. On paper, one hardly needs to glance at Eleven and the other children of Doctor Brenner’s experiment in Stranger Things to find evidence of inspiration.

Where to watch Elfen Lied in 2022?

The anime is currently available on the Crunchyroll catalog. The streaming platform that hosts such popular content Things Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, One Piece and the popular Spy X Family.

For its part, Stranger Things can be seen in full on Netflix (4 seThingsons). The fifth seThingson will arrive in the future, and if you want to know how the end of the lThingst one hThings been, in this link you can read our review of volume 2.