They show training for Eddies best scene in Stranger Things

Almost two weeks ago the end of the season was released for Stranger Things , one in which feelings found from the characters that earned the heart of the public are presented. One of them was Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) , who literally stole an entire scene when interpreting the famous song of Metallica, Master of Puppets .

Even the writers of the series took the time to record the actor on video while he prepared for the paper, who apparently is not only making random movements on the guitar. He but he really is carrying out one by one of the song, and this is because he already had previous experience playing this musical instrument.

Here the video:

Practice does perfection.

This is what he commented Joseph Quinn when they interviewed him regarding this specific scene:


I played the guitar since I was very young, so I was lucky to have a base there. But as I said, when I read the scripts, the next morning I left and bought a guitar and began to learn ‘Master of Puppets’ like a madman.

That day, Gaten Matarazzo and I got on the top of the caravan. It was fun. I touched most. We had a kind of black metal belt to enter and do alone because I am a human being. It is very fast, but the rest, I did my best to understand it. It was fun.

It is worth noting that the band itself reacted at the time to the scene and loved the final result. To that is added that through Tiktok they made a duet to accompany Eddie in this scene that flashes action, sacrifice and large doses of rock and roll.