Project R Red Lab Games attracts strategic investment from Kakao Games

Red Lab Games, a game company specializing in MMORPGs, announced that it had attracted strategic investment from Kakao Games in June.

Red Lab Games, which is developing a new MMORPG ‘Project R’ under the slogan of World Wide K-RPG, has attracted co-founding investment from large global game companies with the official launch of its corporation in September last year.

As Red Lab Games succeeded in attracting follow-up investments following the investment of large global game companies, it plans to promote various strategic cooperation with Kakao Games to become a global MMORPG developer.

In addition, it was reported that, along with this strategic investment attraction, for the global service of ‘Project R’, an onboarding agreement was signed with the blockchain platform BORA serviced by a subsidiary of Kakao Games. ‘Project R’ is an authentic MMORPG that is being developed based on the success experience and technology of key personnel, and aims to be released on mobile and PC multi-platform in the summer of 2023.

Red Lab Games CEO Shin Hyun-geun said, I am very happy to be able to cooperate with Kakao Games, which is leading the game industry, by attracting investment. said.