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Destiny 2: Grube of the heresy – Maps

In this Map guide to the heresy of the heresy in Destiny 2 we show you:


  • A helpful map for the Oger-Encounter
  • How you can quickly get through the witch labyrinth with the help of a card

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Grube of the heresy: Map of the pit (Oger-Encounter)

In the encounter with the invincible ogers you have to collect three empty loads (balls) ** and throw them in at the end of the three goals to open the gates. The loads are dropped in caves between the main courses of so-called heretical knights as soon as you defeat them.

Reddit user Bloody-Mando has made a very practical map for this encounter from the heresy pit, which shows you all the paths and locations of the knights. There are a total of four heretical knights ** (numbers 1-4 on the map), each of which drops a load. It doesn’t matter which ball brings you to which gate (gate 1-3).

Tip: The easiest way to play the encounter is to play with a empty hunter that makes the ball carrier invisible, so that it can sneak past the deadly ogers without any problems.

Tunnels of Despair-Pit of Heresy

Grube of the heresy: Map of Die Pein (Hexen-Labyrinth)

In the penultimate encounter of the dungeon you have to kill three witches in a labyrinth peppered with traps to open a door. At the start of the labyrinth, three symbols ** are displayed-they tell you where you will find the three witches. There are a total of six different symbols and thus six possible spawn points for the witches.

So that you do not run headlessly through the dangerous labyrinth, Reddit-user Primo_Pastafarian has created a card of the encounter, on which all paths and locations of the symbols are drawn.

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