Neowiz cat and soup, new cat cow update

Neowiz (co-representative Kim Seung-cheol, Bae Tae-geun) and Hidder’s (CEO Kim Dong-kyu) announced on the 18th that the healing game ‘Cats & Soup’ has updated new cats and cooking facilities.

First of all, the new cat ‘cow’ is a big deal with a big deal, and it is a Korean short hair that is common in Korea. A new cooking facility, sugar cane, was also added. You can see how cats can cut their sugar cane to make cooking ingredients.

In addition, a variety of furniture to decorate the bathroom in the in-game mini room has been added, and the system reorganization has been reorganized to simplify the event icons listed on the main screen into one.

Meanwhile, a vacation event is in progress to acquire limited items. If you collect ‘shellfish’ in the game by July 28th, ‘Sea Beach Theme of Coral’, ‘Shell Lamps’, ‘Event Friends’, ‘Summer Special Costume’ can do.

For more information on cats and soup cats and cooking facilities, please visit the official SNS (https://www.instagram.com/catsnsoup.official_kr).