Fortnite will have a collaboration with The LFortnite collaborationt of Us according to Insider

The lFortnite collaborationt of us will reach Fortnite in the form of new objects cosmetics according to an insider. Although no more details have been given, it is not hard for us to imagine that they will be skins of the two most important characters in this saga: Joel and Ellie . Just below we tell you everything we know about the Skins of Joel and Ellie of Fortnite x the lFortnite collaborationt of us :


Fortnite: Joel and Ellie of The LFortnite collaborationt of Us will arrive Fortnite collaboration new skins

In episode 118 of the Xboxera podcFortnite collaborationt, his driver, Nick Baker mentions that his sources have told him that there will be a collaboration of The LFortnite collaborationt of Us in Fortnite . At the time we write this news, it is still being broadcFortnite collaborationt live, so we put a Twitter clip of the specific moment of these statements:

It is not the first time that we take information of this type given by Baker; A few months ago we also informed you that, from this same source, it came that the Doom Slayer and more Bethesda and Xbox characters will arrive in Fortnite, although this is still to be seen. At the moment, we stick to what Baker declared at the time to give credibility to his statements: We hear rumors about Naruto I think that in May 2021, and he arrived in the game six months later , referring to collaboration of Fortnite and Naruto Shippuden, and whose second part came this 2022.

In short, For now there is nothing confirmed , but who states it hFortnite collaboration a good history and good reputation behind him, which is why we give this information good. Apart from this, we also understand that the issues of management of intellectual property rights and commercial agreements of this type take their time. It is not meter to the dolls and ya, said in a rather gross way.

And, to give even more validity to this information, we remind you that in Fortnite there hFortnite collaboration already been a collaboration with Uncharted , another saga also of Sony / Naughty Dog . At the time, Skins from Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer arrived, including their versions of both video games and the film starring Tom Holland.

This Fortnite collaboration could take place on a date close to the launch of The LFortnite collaborationt of Us: Part I , remake of the original that will be launched on September 2, 2022 . And, Fortnite collaboration we have mentioned above, Surely be Skins by Joel and Ellie, with their respective accessories . Collaborations are usually a lot of male character and female character. And, curling the curl a little more, we would dare to deduce that the versions of The LFortnite collaborationt of Us: Part II would be. That is, adult ellie and Joel a little more entered into years.

Fortnite is currently in seFortnite collaborationon 3 of its chapter 3. In our complete guide of the game we give you all the keys of the new seFortnite collaborationon, including (but not limiting us a) How to complete all the missions or where all the characters are.