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Collective RPG Merhel Fantasy, Training Cosplay pictorial release

-Cosplay pictorial of Twitch Streamer ‘Training’

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-In in-game item and mythical colleague ‘Witch Cindy’ to all pre-bookers

Chase Online Company (C.O.C) said today that Mercy Fantasy, which is developed by Tap Plus and is scheduled for service, will release a cosplay pictorial of Twitch Streamer Training Training.

The main character in the cosplay pictorial of ‘Training Training’ is ‘Snow White’. She is a character that is characterized by a blue-colored and elegant appearance, but in her black version, she is drawn like a witch driven by bats.

‘Training Training’ expresses the elements of the reversal of the game scenario and fairy tales in the game. She shows her attractive and unfamiliar unique charms and catches her eyes.

Mercy Fantasy is a mobile collection RPG based on various reversals in fairy tales. The user can enjoy various contents in the adventure that finds the real souls of the fairy tale characters trapped in the darkness of the mirror to reveal the light of the fairy tale world.

In particular, more than 100 colleagues with various charms can be easily fostered through offline cumulative rewards.

Merchel Fantasy, which pre-booked before launch, provides all market pre-bookers with in-game items containing mythical fellow Witch Cindy, and provides various additional rewards to users who apply for advance reservations on their own page.

In addition, whenever the number of pre-bookers achieve a specific value, the event will be held to present LEGO Disney Castle from the goods necessary for summoning and nurturing.

An official of C.O.C said, I hope you will check the beauty of the game that can feel the charm of reversal through the cosplay of training training. I conveyed it.