League of legends

LOL: The category of improved champions in the next patch after years without changes

The novelty cycle of League of Legends never stops. It is no surprise that the developer decides to introduce changes to the champions every two weeks through a patch. However, there are many occasions in which the attention of the equilibrium team has been. That is exactly what has happened with the next 12.15 patch, for which Riot Games has announced the launch of equilibrium settings that affect one of the less favorite champions categories among developers.

More energy for all League of Legends champions

We are referring to the characters that use energy as a resource for the launch of skills. They are not even the favorites of the developers, who have explained their problems with this type of champions because they have to be balanced so much so that they do not throw too many skills in the phase of lines and not to stay without ‘gasoline’ in the middle of the fights. However, Riot Games has decided to open their hand with all of them so that they can launch more spells in all phases of the game.

The only champion with energy costs that has not undergone these improvements is Kennen , which served as a model for these equilibrium adjustments. In return, the electric mouse received a few improvements in damage and cooling to try to adjust its 50%victories rate. The truth is that he is not a champion who is going through a great moment. The same happened with Lee Sin that had become one of the worst characters of League of Legends and does not seem to go back to this change. However, the community has complained that some of these improvements were unnecessary.

Akali and Zed are yielding quite well in qualifying games, so that some players have been quite critical of this change. Although both champions have a large number of fans, most of the League of Legends community hate. Especially notable is the case of the murderer of the shadows, which is always among the two most bathing champions of the game if we focus on the data collected in all ranges. It is true that they are not great improvements, but still there has been some discomfort due to an alleged treatment of favor. Something similar happens with Shen , which takes time at the top of the Tier List.

The truth is that energy costs have been one of the elements with less changes of all League of Legends . Although Riot Games has made exceptions with Akali due to his problematic Rework and did make adjustments over time, years have passed since the last great review of this system. The last time they were modified for Zed was in 6.22, read without receiving changes in the costs of their skills from (yes in recovery in 8.6), Shen does not fit from season 7 and Kennen will continue without modifications in this regard from 6.9.

As for the controversy, Riot Games is accustomed to this rate of exchange. Many of the company’s equilibrium work have a long-term vision. Zed or Akali may not need an improvement in terms of power, but developers want these characters to be somewhat more comfortable and eliminate restrictions on energy use. It will be in the posterior patch, if necessary, when restrictions on their power will be carried out reducing the damage or modifying the cooling of the skills.