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Physical operation giant combined robot action Ragdolion We will show you a strange latest death video of the burning situations -will be exhibited in the Tokyo Game Dungeon

On August 3rd, Indie Game Developer Chokoku released the latest trailer of the giant robot union and physical simulation work currently under development.

This work is a work currently being developed by Mr. Chokichi. In the past, on the program Indie Live EXPO II, which introduces the latest information on indie games held in November 2020, the weight of each part is manipulated, and a giant robot that reflects the weight of each part is manipulated, and physical operations It was reported that it was a work that could enjoy the battle, and that it was scheduled to be sold on Steam.

The latest video released this time is a real stage where Tokyo Bay using actual map data is viewed. increase.

Scheduled to exhibit in Tokyo Game Dungeon

It will be exhibited at the Tokyo Game Dungeon, an indie game exhibition, which will be held from 12:00 on August 7th, and will be able to perform this work at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center in Minato-ku, Tokyo. In addition, the release date of this work was released in 2021 in the past, but it is now undecided the release date.

Past video