First -person viewpoint city construction sim Techniquity: Prologue Free distribution start -up to 4 people online cooperation

RockGame in Poland has started free distribution of the simulation/action of OSARIS Games in France, Technique: Prologue .

This game is a single and online co-operation multiplayer, mainly in the first-person viewpoint, set in an open world.

Free prologue version distribution started

This time, a free prologue version has been distributed prior to the release of the product version. This version also supports online cooperation play, and can play together from the Steam friendlist in the work to the maximum of 4 people **.

The game starts from a field-like field along the road with funds. You can start learning the grounds using various tools such as vine, drones, and road rollers according to the tutorial.

Let’s build a city in the open world

The size of the map is limited to 4 square km in this prologue version, but in the product version, 384 square km is covered by each individual, and the terrain is changed as desired in the vast open world, and a major city is built. I can do it.

Steam workshop compatible

This work also supports Steam workshops. The prologue version remains to share buildings and custom items, while the product version will increase the range of correspondence to sharing the entire map.

Technique: ProLogue , which can be visited by residents when creating a city, is being distributed for free on Steam for PCs. The product version of Techniquity is scheduled to be released in 2022.