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One week of Indie Game attention news ranking! Fantastic sumo wrestling and 3 2D games are ranked in

Introducing indie game news that had a response in a week! GAME*Spark’s indie game-related articles will be delivered in a ranking format. The ranking is based on the number of articles accessed in the survey period of 2022 to August 12, 2022 **.

GAME*Spark Indie Game News Ranking

10th place A restaurant management SLG RECIPE FOR DISASTER official release that attacks all kinds of happenings.

You have to make food and respond not only to the customer’s request, but also to respond to fire.

9th place 2VS2 match ACT Family Battle Tag Arena early access start-Casual superhuman family Genka starting from Karaage: 29 Pt.

This is the first GCL work of I will give you up to 10 million yen a year, so why not make your favorite game?

8th place The remote island psychosliller THE FOREST CATHEDRAL new teaser video that elucidates the influence of the harmful pesticides DDT! : 40 pt.

Dramatically reproduce the story of a real biologist.

7th place The distribution of the great brawl GIGABASH, which is developed by a powerful battle like a monster movie! : 45 pt.

Inspired from Power Stone, Smash Bra, Monster Great Battle, Godzilla, Ultraman, etc.

6th place While doing work, exorcism! Delivery of the corpse depression horror THE MORTUARY Assistant: 87 Pt.

Each play is different every time, and several endings are prepared.

5th place Retro style 2D fighting game BLAZING STRIKE New teaser video! Release is postponed in the spring of 2023: 98 pt.

She performs a female fighter MJ that makes full use of Taekwondo and military martial arts.

4th place Immigration is easy with a smartphone! Papers, PLEASE iPhone/Android version distribution started: 103 Pt.

That huge hit game can be played on a smartphone.

3rd place Skull Girls 2nd Encore boss character Marie will be played in DLC! : 104 pt.

A 90 % off sale of the Steam version is also being implemented.

2nd place SD character game Pocket Bravery new trailer influenced by Pocket Fighter! Neopoke style graphic is characterized by: 200 pt.

Show off a small action and various game modes.

1st place Delivery started! Use all your hands to remove the opponent’s turnings: 269 pt.


The definitive version of Fantastic Sumo Game.

The second place was a new trailer video of the 2D fighting game Pocket Bravery where SD characters fight. Inspired by masterpiece fighting games such as Street Fighter, Fatal Legend, and The King of Fighters, it has been inspired by Neodio Pocket Color, such as Pocket Fighter. Scheduled to be distributed to Windows (Steam)/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch.

The first place is the announcement of the launch of Moderashi Sumo, which is the theme of Traditional Japanese Technology of the Earth, which is located in the multi-universe. ** Become a wrestler of Moderashi Sumo who removes the opponent’s turn with any hand and participates in the Modero Sumo Battle Tournament. We aim for Yokozuna using wrestlers such as grabbing, plunging, and flying. The regular selling price is 500 yen, which is distributed on Steam. The DLC of all accessories and special accessories are distributed for 200 yen.