Apparently, Avatar game for consoles is filtered

Since some years ago the Avatar franchise has been taking its second air, since the production of two films that are linked canonically has been confirmed. And now, the world of video games is also receiving its own, this through mobile deliveries, as well as a console game that has apparently leaked.

The game would be called Quest for Balance , and apparently listed in Amazon Japan . A version for Nintendo Switch on the website has been included, with a launch date of the November 8 . You can also find the versions of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One , being a launch that would cover the crossing of generations.

Apparently, Quest for Balance is being published by Game Mill Entertainment , the company behind several brand-related games Nickelodeon , as All-Star Brawl and Kart Racers. The AANG franchise is owned by this orange company, so it is logical that they are in charge of its publication and distribution.

It is worth commenting, that the respective people responsible for the game have not gone to give a statement regarding the leaks, but they may tell us much more about it. Nor is anything mentioned of the genre of the video game, so it could be an adaptation linked to the action, after all mobile delivery it will be an RPG in shifts.


Vía: IG