The disguise by the Zeldas Legend of Breath of the Wild Egan was spoofed. Identity steals wrongdoing

The Legend of Zelda’s Legend of Breath of the Wild has reported that the disguise of the Egan was not a mess, but a spoofing. Overseas users seemed to have pushed the disguise Ega’s person in Utsushi and found out after a careful investigation.


In The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, various monsters stand in front of the main character link. Monsters that live in land such as Tutu octalock and high intelligence, such as Bokobrin Molybrine, also appear. Speaking of cunning enemies, the Egan groups. The members of the Egan team, as the name suggests, makes full use of tactics with ninjas as their motifs, and aims to link in an evil organized position. What is particularly impressive is the action of deceiving links using disguise. The events in Kakarico Village as a trigger, and the egs dressed as ordinary travelers appear everywhere in Hailal. If you show your player’s attention, and inadvertently talk, you will be attacked by exposing your ninja identity.

There are many variations in the disguise of travelers by the Egan group. It takes various forms of young and old men and women and invites players contact. It’s okay because this person has a different atmosphere from the Egan I have met so far, he said, and many players were disappointed in a word, Please give me your life. I thought that the Egan group that created such a variety of disguise was quite good, and in fact, they seemed to have copied them based on the real model. Overseas user Wolf Link reports on overseas bulletin board Reddit and his YouTube channel. He is a person who is delivering content related to Zelda’s Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild on YouTube.

What Wolf Link reported was a surprising survey that the disguise of the Egan is an imitating NPC that actually exists in Hailal. First, the disguise Egan is switched to different disguise by putting a break on a bonfire or a save data loading. Wolf Link uses this mechanism to shoot the disguised person of the Egan by Utsushi. It seems that he conducted a steady survey of searching for ordinary NPCs with the same person. As a result, he succeeded in finding all of the 14 transformations taken to find all the Sashimashi NPCs.

An example of the disguised NPC is Rykyu, a traveler between Kakarico Village and a wetland horse inn. He is a gentle man who has a calm atmosphere and talks about the situation in nearby villages and regions. In the video shown by Wolf Link, one of the disguise matches the appearance of this Ricyu. However, the real lykyu is equipped with a sword and a shield, and there is a difference in the spoofing of the Egan. The author actually confirmed the existence of this lykyu’s fake and real thing in the game. He looked at Ryeku, who was really walking, and wanted to say, I was just attacked by your fake.

Wolf Link has posted fake and real comparative images for all NPCs investigated. Looking at them, you can see that the disguise of the Egan is not only the face and gender, but also the NPC firmly complete copy. On the other hand, even if a real NPC is equipped with weapons, it seems that the fake by the Egan tends to be armed. Is it a device that makes the player careless?

In addition, the Egan groups in Hilal seem to have the preference of disguise depending on the location, and some members seem to be disguised as men or women NPCs. And important NPCs are not subject to disguise, and it seems that travelers and peddlers who have a little conversation are suffering spoofing damage. And it is unlikely to be transformed into a child or an old man.

By the way, the behavior patterns of the disguised Egan group include other features such as unnaturally appealing, stopping, and being in a place that is off the road. Another feature is that the name on the NPC, which is displayed once you talk to NPC, is not displayed. If you hold down these features, it will be much easier to distinguish if the traveler in front of your eyes is an Egan assassin.

The disguise of the Egan was stolen someone’s appearance. When I was told, I talked to a traveler, thinking, I’ve seen it somewhere…, and I was discovered with an disguise egan and was deaf. That was not because of my mind.

Also, given the technical aspects, it seems that it is possible that using the traveler NPC as it is, rather than creating a model of the disguise egan separately, will lead to development efficiency. And if you think that often passing by a passenger or peddler, the link is careless, the spoofing is reasonable in the setting. Many innocent people will be stolen by the Egan, besides Wolf Link. If a person who knows is suspiciously calling on the roadside, it is a good idea to ignore it, or to lose while expecting rupee and bananas.