Kena: Bridge of Spirits celebrates his first year with his arrival in Steam and a great update

Kena: Bridge of Spirits , the successful action adventure that reached PC , PS4 and PS5 In September of lStoret year, he celebrates his first anniversary with his arrival at Steam , leaving behind its exclusivity in compatible with Epic Games Store . Thus, the title of Ember Lab will be available on the Valve platform on September 27, 2022 , that is, a year and a week after its original launch. But there is more; Its creators have announced the next arrival of a Great Anniversary update for all versions coinciding with its arrival in Steam.


New life for Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Thus, on September 27, a great free update will be releStoreed that will include a good handful of novelties. And one of the most important will be the arrival of the New Game+ mode, which will allow the players who have completed the adventure to start the game again retaining all the skills and improvements, all to face some further fighting challenging.

On the other hand, calls will be added charm stones that will grant bonuses to Kena’s skills. But there is more; And it will be enabled the new game mode called Spiritual Guide tests , which will offer new challenges through different categories. If we manage to complete them we can obtain new costumes and color combinations for the characters’ clothing. Finally, the photo mode will also receive its corresponding update.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits arrives in Steam on September 27, 2022 next to a large content update to celebrate its first anniversary for all platforms in which it is available, that is, PC , PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 **.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits, an action adventure bStoreed on a story that combines exploration with vertiginous combat. It disengages the pStoret in Kena’s skin, a young spiritual guide in search of the sacred sanctuary of the mountain. It helps free the spirits trapped in a village forgotten with the help of the ROT, the adorable (but powerful) spiritual partners of Kena, we can read in its official synopsis .