Text survival that interacts with different world girls, scary dot picture horror ADV, etc.

Introducing the indie games information published by GAMESpark, which had a response in the past week in a ranking format! The ranking ranking is based on the number of articles accessed within the survey period of August 13, 2022 to August 20, 2022 *.

Indie Game News Ranking

Change your clothes 10th! Fashion police! Coordination FPS FASHION POLICE SQUAD distribution started: 50 pt.

Let’s crack down on dumb fashion criminals.


9th place Yoshi! The formal release of the Forklift Sim BEST FORKLIFT Operator that also supports VR: 59 Pt.

Featuring faithful simulation and entertainment.

8th place The backyard survival GROUNDED has a shared world function in the public test version: 65 pt.

World is saved in the cloud and can be shared with friends.

7th place Rogue Light CO-OP voyage action SHIP OF FOOLS distribution date is decided! : 65 pt.

He challenges the voyage as a brave sailor in a world where malicious and corruption storms are approaching.

6th Popular Night Security Horror’s first remake Five Nights at Freddy’s Plus Steam page! : 91 pt.

Certified remake produced by many years of series fans. It is said that Five Nights at Freddy’s is evolving in a new form.

5th place name is priority! Ninja Slayer game AREA 4643 is changed to Ninjaslayer: AREA 4643: 97 Pt.

I didn’t realize that it was a Ninja Slayer game, so I put it in the title.

4th place Tarkov’s medieval fantasy PVPVE EXPEDITION AGARTHA early access started! : 106 pt.

Get a loot on a mysterious island on the Mu continent and aim for escape.

3rd place Free Very popular ADV Natsuno Kanata official release-Girl travels around the end of the world: 134 pt.

A text adventure to talk to a girl on an old computer.

2nd place Rogue Rikker Combat DEATH SKID MARKS will be permanently free! : 159 pt.

A game from a top-down perspective that develops a dead car chase like Mad Max on the way to a music concert.

1st place Dot picture is scary! NES-style horror ADV occult case file demo version release: 174 Pt.

Investigate an eerie abandoned house to find a missing friend.

In the fifth place, the news was ranked in which the title AREA 4643 has changed the title to Ninjaslayer: AREA 4643 . This work is based on the Cyberpunk Ninja novel Ninja Slayer A true game , but no one noticed that it was a Ninja Slayer related work, I did not know Why teach. It is said that he did not give me a lot of voices saying. Will this title change a huge hit? Let’s prepare.

And the news that the text adventure Natsuno Kanata has been officially released is second. The player is a computer that he found by accident, calling with a girl traveling in a collapsed world with Natsuno, and sometimes watched while instructing her actions. This work started early access in August 2021, but after the official release, it will be distributed free of charge as in the beginning, and it would be nice to have regular updates and additional episodes in the future. increase.