Fortnite: destroy the tractor with a Kamehame HA

In our saddle tractor guide to Fortnite

  • Where you are guaranteed to find a saddle tractor
  • How you get a Kamehame ha


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Where can I find a saddle tractor?

Theoretically you can find saddle tractors anywhere on the map in Fortnite. However, we recommend that you make a detour after Shifty Shafts . At the entrance to the mine, every round is guaranteed to have several saddle tractors.

At the beginning of the round, grab one of the saddle tractors in Shifty Shafts and go in search of a Kamhame ha.

Where can I get a Kamhame ha in Fortnite?

You get a Kamehame HA from the so-called Capsule Corp capsules . As soon as the first storm begins, several of these capsules spawn-the locations are shown to all players on the map.

Once you have got a Kamhame HA, stand in front of a saddle tractor and shoot on it with the Kamehame HA . A load should completely destroy a truck.

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