I thought it was a real lion, the Unity Demo Ryan was released

Unity unveiled a new demonstration ‘Lion’, which innovative real-time 3D technology.

Unity’s new demo Ryan is the first project to be implemented using Weta Digital, Chiba, Speed Tree, and Sink Sketch as well as Unity Editor Art Tool. The demo, which captures the realistic lion’s mane, and the movement of the exactly represented characters, was driven by 4K resolution and 30 frames in PS5, and was first unveiled at the graphic conference Simagraph 2022.

The Ryan Demo is characterized by realizing realistic creatures and scene rendering based on the major graphic functions of the updated Unity and the newly developed core technologies. It has improved the performance and image quality of HDRP, and newly developed Chiba RT Unity players and hair systems to make real-time high-definition visuals.


In particular, the GPU-based cluster hair simulation included in this demo is part of the new hair system recently released on GitHub and is based on the hair simulation used in the tech demo enemy, which was unveiled in March. It is expected that more efficient production will be made by accurately rendering millions of strands through the new hair system.

In addition, Weta Digital’s hair and fur cleanup tools were used to embody the lion’s mane and fur correctly. This tool complements the deformation technology of Chiba, allowing you to further increase the accuracy in implementing the mane of the lion and the baby lion, and the artist can adjust the settings more detailed.

The Ryan Demo also applied the Speed Tree’s vegetation modeling function to create a lively environment. The asset created by the speed tree cinema was optimized for real time, adding a dust-covered grass around the lion, and a shape that represents African fabin trees on the horizon. This is an export game FBX file, including high-resolution textures, and the resolution of the lion model and the plant asset match the delicately trimmed lion model.

In addition, Unity supports real-time review reviews and intuitive repetitive tasks through the Visual collaboration tool, which allows creators to easily collaborate and work anytime, anywhere, regardless of place or device. Unity team members who participated in this Ryan project were also scattered in many countries in North America and Western Europe, and carried out remote work through Sink Sketch.

Unity tools used in Unity‘s new demo Ryan are available to any creator, and further reinforced hair simulation and rendering improvements will be provided through the Unity 2023.1 Tech Stream. As a result, creators around the world will be able to create creative visuals and use abundant creator workflows.

Natalya Tatarchuk, chief architect, said, Unity supports tools for creators so that developers can produce high-quality characters and creatures. The purpose is to help creators to solve the requirements faced in the actual production process.