Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Pirate crew – the best upgrades

In our guide to the pirate crew upgrades in Destiny 2 you can find out:

  • How you get reputation
  • Which upgrades are really worthwhile

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How do I unlock new pirate crew upgrades?

To unlock the pirate crew upgrades, you need reputation . You can earn these every week by completing seasonal challenges. In week 1, for example, these are the two challenges successful expedition and Antiquar 1. We will tell you how you solve the latter challenge in our relic guide to Destiny 2.

the best pirate crew upgrades

You only have a limited reputation every week, so it is important that you unlock the optimal upgrades at the beginning . Towards the end of the season you can earn enough reputation to get all upgrades.

We recommend that you focus in the three categories above all the following upgrades :


Heure Skorbut, the service to *: Switches the armor focus on-it is worthwhile because the seasonal armor focus is usually armed with high stats.
focused weapon loot : Let you decode umbral engrams to season-der-tumor weapons.
Double-looted Umbral energy card : Switches the treasure map of the same name in the captain’s atlas, which gives you double upper energy at the end of an expedition.
* Bargain armor-freeze : The first seasonal bare armor, which decodes from a Umbral-Engram per week, does not cost Umbral energy.


Armor’s treasure card *: Switches the card focused looting armor in the captain’s atlas, which gives your armor with an expedition.
Weapon treasure card : Switches the card focused looting weapons in the captain’s atlas, which gives your weapons during an expedition.
looter gap : Occasionally deserves Umbral energy in other activities such as strikes, melting pots and more.


Heure the skiffblades *: You will receive a bonus premium at the end of Ketsch crash and expedition missions if you perform with your gestures with your gestures.
Driving debris : Increases the chance to earn seasonal and looter equipment at the end of Ketsch crash missions.
Magnetic drill : Increases the chance to earn seasonal-die-looing equipment at the end of expeditions.

Hidden Technical *: The first completed Ketsch crash mission grants a weapon with a deep view of the resonance every week.
Precise cartography *: Increases the looted Umbral energy found by treasure maps.

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