How to get clay for the manufacture of bricks in the farthest border

In addition to improving buildings, you can also improve your buildings to reduce repair costs at Farthest Frontier.

At first, your buildings will be wooden, but later they can be improved with bricks, for which you will need to get clay in the game. Remember that wooden buildings are weak and at some point they need to be improved.

This leadership will lead you through the process of clay mining and using it for the manufacture of bricks.

how to get clay

Exploring the map in search of resources, you can stumble upon the attraction known as the clay deposits. It is important to find the clay field as early as possible, otherwise you will get stuck using wood for construction.

As soon as you find a clay deposit, you will need to build a clay pit on it. Having done this, you can begin to extract clay from the clay deposit.

Please note that not all cards have the same resources. Therefore, it is likely that you can not have any clay deposits at all. If so, you can simply use sand deposits for sand extraction, which can then be exchanged for clay using a trading post.

how to make bricks

As soon as you accumulate enough clay, you need to build a brick factory to turn clay into bricks.


A brick factory is a third-level building. It costs 150x labor, 100x wooden boards, 10x stone and 1x heavy tools.

The bricks that you receive at a brick factory should first be used to improve the city center. Then you can use these bricks to build new buildings. Brick buildings are more durable and do not need repair as often as wooden.