Overwatch 2 reiterates their business model: the new heroes will unlock free

Less than a month after the early access of overwatch 2 access, the community continues to share its doubts about the business model chosen for the sequel to Blizzard’s hero shorter. His arrival in Free to Play format awaits some unknowns, such the way we will unlock the new heroes. Jon Spector, Vice President of the Study and Chief of Commerce of the saga, h indicated on a brief tweet that the new heroes of Overwatch 2 will be part of the free progress of the battle ps .

Where is the controversy born?

Spector’s words do not appear cually. Everything began lt Thursday, September 8, when a Reset era Forum user discovered the changes that the Watching package description had received. In it, we could read that holder of the premium battle ps of seon 1 you will automatically receive access to the lt hero of Overwatch, Kirk.

Beyond the implicit revelation of Kirk, a character not yet officially announced, the study refers to that description to which those who buy the battle ps will stop in the unlocking of the hero. Spector pointed out on his tweet that this information is incomplete and that they will share all the details closer to launch. Blizzard eliminated the description shortly after.

Without more news about the monetization of this delivery , some users shared their discomfort on the course that progress could take. It will be great when a hero is blocked that is broken and the people willing to pay real money for him are the only ones who have it. I am sure that the community would not care at all, the user Richard hawk declared in an ironic tone.

He remembers that the anticipated access of Overwatch 2 will begin on October 4 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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