Phoenix metro Lübeck frustrates Jeddeloh II

The Lübeck played bravely right from the beginning, but among other points a CIAPP fall back narrowly missed his objective in the 19th minute. Phoenix metro had more of the video game, once more it was CIAPP who triggered fantastic danger in the 51st minute with a shot. In the last 20 minutes, Weddell II enhanced without turning out of the print.

2 different halves

For the momentary leader VFV 06 Hildesheim, after two winless games, it was about not making the gap upwards against Hamburger SV II at house. On Sunday the young Those talent in the basilica city tore the initiative itself. Andersen scored in the 40th minute after an attack over the right wing with a deflected shot for the virtually past due guest tour. Hildesheim started the 2nd round. In the 50th min, Place fit on Gotten and the objective scorer put the round into the HSV network. Afterwards, Hildesheim was toning, particularly Sunday had the lead several times after an hour. In the 75th min, the article saved for the currently extremely much back. They practically satisfied again in the 86th minute, after an edge round, VFV defense guy Kalinowski had to save at the last second. A game of two extremely various halves ended with 1: 1.

The previous leader SV Drochtersen/Asset crossed the blades with the Bremen SV, that had all shed his last 3 games. Four minutes later, Hamid also included 2-0, after a high pass he raised the sphere from near-distance dance over D/Afterward Sieges. With the 1: 2 by Neumann, a robust long-range shot from almost 20 meters, the hosts germinated new hope for the 78th minute, yet the Bremen brought the shock victory over time.

10 mins after the start of the 2nd fifty percent, the hostile disruption of the opposite video game structure for SC Wake paid off. Now life was genuine in this game, Hartmann took the sphere to the cost-free kick in the 64th min and also sank it directly to 3-1. In the 80th min, his corner kick landed at the long article near Foster, whose declaring was banged by Herrmann to the final score.

In the 2nd min FOTA took the lead in the lead. The break tea additionally had no stimulating impact on the East Frisians, Dvina raised to 4: 0 in the 55th minute and was later on the area for 5: 0. The 1: 5 by Niches in the 86th minute was only the renowned decline on the hot rock, after all, Eden has the worst objective difference in the league by far.

young storks hold link

Up until now, the season has actually likewise been a heavy stroll for Holstein Kiel II. On Sunday, Contract Norderstedt made a visitor appearance on the fjord as well as offered in the 22nd minute after a single project by Said. Prior to the break, the young storks had the best answer in the quiver. Sterner pertained to the shot in the charge area and also put the round level in the corner (37th). The video game was turned shortly after the break, Awake racked up from the charge point for Kiel II (48th). With the lead in the back, the Holstein abilities appeared to end up being a lot more certain, Kickoff served in the 67th min But, the raised to 3: 1. With this success, the young storks follow the conserving bank.

Today gave the home side in the 23rd min after a steep pass. In the half-time, Delmenhorst went with a 2-0 lead, Feels netted in the 44th min. A preliminary spark, because in the 66th min Stander entered the fine location with a great deal of rate and also served Meyer with an exact cross pass, 2: 2.

Lone stops Redden

The derby in between Blau-Weiß Lone and the BSV Schwarz-Weiß Redden focus on Saturday. Thanks to Oswald, that racked up the important winning goal for the residence team five mins prior to completion, the climber reserved the much better outcome. Before that, Townies had already placed the hosts in the lead (48th), but the guests without delay came back with Mandalay (54. ). For the blue-whites, it was the 2nd win of the season, for the white as well as black, which before it presented 2 success, yet the fourth insolvency.

CFB Lübeck presents

CFB Lübeck offered in the fight for the top on Friday night and Welder Bremen II conquered 2-1 after the temporary exchange of house rights at the Lohmühle. In the first round, the expert book provided Lübeck with problems. Kim’s free kick only struck the crossbeam and also Euler’s attempt to shot just the aluminum. Nevertheless, the CFB also had Drink’s effort to pass on Marita’s Alu-Pech. Altogether, it was a fair draw for a break. Little occurred from the video game after the change of sides. 2 tariff rounds ultimately started the sixth CFB victory. Grape initially hit London (52nd) header prior to the preparer responded 2-0 9 nine minutes later on. Later on there were minimal highlights. Only 2 minutes prior to the end came up with stress through Dietrich’s goal. Inevitably, nonetheless, this came far too late for the Bremen to kidnap something countable from the Lohmühle.

Phoenix AZ had even more of the video game, once again it was CIAPP who created wonderful threat in the 51st min with a shot. In the 50th min, Place fit on Gotten and also the objective scorer put the round into the HSV network. They practically satisfied once again in the 86th minute, after an edge sphere, VFV protection man Kalinowski had to save at the last second. Ten minutes after the start of the 2nd half, the hostile disruption of the opposing video game structure for SC Wake paid off. Currently, life was actual in this game, Hartmann took the sphere to the totally free kick in the 64th minute as well as sank it straight to 3-1.