Focus Entertainment announces the acquisition of the developer of WW1FPS Verdun and Tannenberg

Publisher Focus Entertainment has announced that it has acquired the Dutch developer WW1 GAME Series, which worked on the FPS Verdun and Vandenberg.


Focus Entertainment has agreed that the majority of the WW1 Game Series’ shares owned by the M2H will be obtained, and the remaining 33.33 % is owned by WW1 Game Series founder and creative director Jo’s Phoebe (Black mill Games)., Continue to operate the studio. The studio will be operated alone as BLACKMAIL GAMES.

The WW1 Game Series is composed of 15 passionate creators and is the sixth development studio for FOCUS. Following 2015 Verdun and 2017 VANDENBERG, the latest series ALONZO in the local time on September 13, local time Windows (Steam, Epic Games Store)/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/S/S/S/ It will be released for Xbox One.

FOCUS Entertainment is expected to increase its sales in FY2022/2023 by this acquisition.