Netflix with advertising could still come to customers in 2022

Advertising on Netflix? No joke, that is exactly what should come in 2022 in the course of a new subscription model. Here is the information.

Dortmund-will a fundamental principle change at Netflix from November 1st? Is there advertising at the streaming provider? The Wall Street Journal wants that out.

Advertising on Netflix: New subscription model could come for customers in 2022

In Germany, among other things, the Portal Futurezone.de reported on the plans of Netflix to switch advertising. All of this should happen in the course of a new subscription model, which is to be initiated on November 1, 2022 (more digital news at ).


But what does that mean for Netflix users? First, it should not be completely clear whether individual markets are affected for the time being or whether it is a nationwide innovation. The Wall Street Journal speculates that the new subscription model will initially start in the USA.

Further information whether there is a general advertising or which is coordinated with the user is unclear. Rumor has it, but Netflix wants to ensure that users are too much overwhelmed by an advertisement. The company allegedly wants to cover the advertisers’ investments to a maximum of 20 million euros.

Advertising at Netflix: Companies can probably invest up to 20 million euros

There is currently no confirmation from the Netflix company. It was still very early in the elaboration phase.

Already in spring 2022 there were first rumors about advertising at Netflix. The streaming service has lost numerous users this year. The company stagnates, and the share loses value. The introduction of an advertising model could at least help at short notice.

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