8 hours Umamusume meeting… Compensation book conflict and leave

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] The meeting between the Aka Games ‘Uranus Me Pretty Derby’ (hereinafter referred to as Amuse), which lasted for nearly eight hours, ended in a state of failure to narrow the conflict of compensation.

The umamusume user meeting, which was serviced by Aka Games and developed by Sieges, started at 10 am on the 17th. At the meeting, seven representatives of the user, five Aka Games executives, and one lawyer attended.

The atmosphere of the early meeting was not bad. Aka Games said that it will establish a cooperative system with Japanese developer ‘SAI Games’ to communicate quickly.

Lee Si-woo, the head of the business division, apologized for the late response to the user’s request for answers due to consultation with local developers. I did it. He added, In the future, Aka Games has promised a process that can be a candidate for the action.

The company said, In the case of important instructions, consultations will be needed, but we will be able to guide you quickly (Aka Games first). Previously, if most of the communication was made through the Saints Korea, it would establish a close relationship with the local headquarters after the incident.

The company also plans to produce broadcasting that can deliver roadmaps and roadmaps, including content updates, to deliver regularly once a month to strengthen communication. The business team leader said, In Japan, the content roadmap is released in the form of a broadcast called ‘Park Car Live TV’. We will be able to release the roadmap.

In addition, all pickup schedules will be conducted in the same day as Japanese services starting October 18, and the same will be the same for the update.

The letter sent by Games on the 15th was also released. There was also a lack of the Games’ supervision system, and there was a lack of connection with Aka Games, which led to the lack of update information in the game or delayed notice..

◆ User who has been a lawsuit I will proceed with a refund lawsuit

However, over time, there was a disagreement about compensation for the past controversy, and the conversation with the user became catastrophe. In particular, the mood deteriorated when the company answered the compensation for the issue of the server inspection before the end of the event.


Users argued that the users who collected points were damaged by the start of the server, about three hours before the end of the event, which can be exchanged for Kit Black SSR with high performance.

The company said, As an organization that serves service, it is the biggest purpose to keep the game more stable so that the game is able to play well, and the inspection is also trying to minimize the game access.

One user who was a representative of a refund lawsuit said, The receipt of a refund requested by e-mail has been collected about 4.5 billion won.

If a consumer wants, he wants to ask for the account recovery of an account that has been refunded through the account that has already been withdrawn and the store, he said. Are you willing to return to cash again? the management replied, We can’t tell you and talk with other staff.

The user representative said, We will collect e-mails from those who want to refund or recall this time, and we will proceed with the lawsuit from Monday as soon as possible. If this comes out, you can withdraw the lawsuit to reflect your opinion.

Lee said, I will thoroughly fulfill all the promises I made today and show me better..

Meanwhile, gamers have held twice ‘wagon demonstrations’ since last month due to the lack of events and controversy over the payment of goods by Aka Games.