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Gen shin Concert 2022-Melodies of an endless Journey from Genshin Impact will be broadcast on the official YouTube game channel on October 2, 2022 (12:00, UTC+8). This will be the cooperation between the Holdovers, Hoyo-Mix music studio, and the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra, which will perform the creative adaptation of the Hero Impact soundtracks under the control of the music director Sir Saga.

From from September 25, 2022, to October 1, 2022 , players can also take part in the web event to get 40 Prisoners for free, as well as a chance to win even more Prisoners and exclusive merch Genshin Impact!

How to take part in the Web Mary Passing Genshin Impact Gen shin Concert 2022

Go to the official pre-viewing page Gen shin Concert 2022-Melodies of An Endless Journey, where you will be offered to enter the system. Enter your Genshin Impact account data and select the correct server so that the intrastate prizes are sent to the account you have chosen. When you are ready, scroll down and select the preferred design of the concert, choosing an element in the left corner. If you are satisfied, click share a pass to the concert .

A pop-up window will appear. Click tie now for redirecting in Loyola, where you must enter the system using the preferred Genshin Impact account, which is also your Hoovers account. You need to bind any contact information (preferably an email address) so that Holdovers can contact you if you win a real product.

After that, return to the pop-up window and click share and select the preferred social networks platform to share a pass to a concert with friends and subscribers. You will immediately get X30 Prime and X20 000 Morey for your efforts. This will spread by intrastate mail and expires after 30 days.

How to win the Merch Genshin Impact at the Web Mary Passing Gen shin Concert 2022


Having shared the aforementioned passage to the concert and successfully connected your Hoovers account, you will automatically be placed in a draw, where 500 players will be randomly selected to win the gift box of the characters of the Gen shin Concert 2022 series and a memorable ticket for the hologram of the Gen shin Concert 2022 series The winners can only choose one character among the six main characters (Indian, Sheen he, Yale Mike, Kandahar Kazakh, Run Jin and Barbara).

The winners will be declared on the official website a preview on October 2, 2022 , at 11:50 (UTC+8). All winners will be sent an email with instructions for filling out the addresses of delivery and contact information. The winners who could not send their information on November 1, 2022 , at 23:59 (UTC+8) will be considered lost their prizes and will no longer be able to claim them. Use this clock converter to receive prizes on time.

Hoovers promises to appreciate the confidentiality of the participants-identifiers of winning users will not be fully displayed, and personal information will not be displayed anywhere and will not be used for anything other than identification, notification and sending. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact the Genshin Impact customer support service directly through [email protected] .

Visit Gen shin Concert 2022 from the Genshin Impact, which will enter the stage on October 2 to find out more about how to watch the amazing potpourri from soundtracks.