How to quickly get precious stones in Panik – Roblox

Panic is an exciting horror game for Roblox, in which the players find themselves locked in a supermarket and should try to escape without being caught by a faulty robot-pipe. Choose a game against a monster or bot chosen by a player and compete with others to scan the required objects to open a way out and become the first surviving. You win coins and XP for survival in rounds that can be used to buy funny skins and objects for characters in the lobby. For some more complex skins, precious stones are required, which are more valuable currency. This is how you can earn a little.

buy precious stones in the store

Precious stones get a little more difficult than coins, and they cannot be won by playing rounds. One of the fastest ways to get them is to open store menu and switch to precious stones tab here you can purchase gems for roux . This is the exact amount for each Roux, plus, if you spend more significant amounts, you can earn several bonus gems, which makes this deal excellent.

Put off with codes

It is always useful to keep abreast of the latest events with codes. Codes regularly include and leave the game by developers and can bring you a little Fiction Free rewards . Follow any codes that can give you free precious stones, or use other codes to earn additional coins and items that can be exchanged for precious stones.

Join the sales servers

Panic has its own trading servers in which players can exchange their won or purchased items to other players for other things that they may want, or for currency. This is another way to quickly earn precious stones if the deal is honest and agreed by both parties. Separate the won coins and buy funny equipment in a store or lobby that valuable trade items and you can earn precious stones as soon as possible.

It can be more difficult to get precious stones than coins, but if you manage to accumulate a sufficient number of coins, you can purchase valuable items that can be traded with other players. In addition, always follow new codes that can reward you with free precious stones in the future.


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