Genshin Impact good medicine is difficult to find the author of Sumeru Daily Commission Guide

A good medicine is difficult to find-this is the daily commission of Genshin Impact, which can be taken in the village of Sara. You can get it by chance by indicating the location of the punch in the directory of the adventurer. He has three options: do any of them correctly to unlock the achievement, and do any of them incorrectly to unlock the subsequent commission.

How to unlock the achievement of the Dr. Painter’s handwriting in Genshin Impact

As soon as you accidentally receive a daily commission A good medicine is difficult to get, go to the village of Sara to talk with a village doctor named March . He will ask you to pick up the medicine from Bavaria , a doctor in Samaritan in the city of Pier. Talk to Bavaria to get a set of instructions based on Marine’s concern, and then pass them on to March in the village of ARU.

There are three prescriptions of the medicine. Try to recall the keyword from Bavaria to make sure that you gave March the right steps:

If the patient I see badly * Pass this recipe to March:

* Star mushroom.
* First a strong flame, and then weak.
* Until the soup acquires a rich color.
If the patient has headache * Pass this recipe to March:
* Mint
* Cook all the time over high heat.
* So far, the ingredients have not come up.

If the patient has abdominal pain * pass this recipe to March:
* Redirect.
* Cook all the time over low heat.
* Until the ingredients become soft.

If you correctly convey any of them, you unlock the achievement of the Wonders of the World called Wonders of the World. Dr.’s handwriting . Meanwhile, if you have already unlocked this achievement, we recommend that you intentionally choose the wrong answers in order to unlock the subsequent commission called a good medicine is difficult to do which will appear the next day.

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