All Dead by Daylight outfits for Halloween 2022

Is there a multi-user game more suitable for Halloween than Dead by Daylight? We can hardly think about one thing. Like Halloween’s events in other games, Dead by Daylight does not spare money, trying to force players to spend their hard money on new bizarre skins.

Ghosts of daylight 2022 Skins

In total, 10 new skins are available for survivors and killers in the Halloween event Dead by Daylight 2022. This does not include many skeletal shirts available for survivors, and small variations, such as new masks of a ghostly face.

Dwight Fer field *-Mummy from toilet paper
Jane Romero -Hollywood glamour
they -explosion of rage

inspired *-Infected Weaker
Artist -The fallen angel
Yew Timur -Midnight technical clothing

Michaela Reed *-Challenge Barista
Ghost face -Business hunter
Kate Benson -Corn scarecrow
* Witch -Swamp creature

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