New scarlet and purple Pokemon gameplay with 15 minutes of follies: minigame to make sandwich, evolution of Girafarig.

15 minute. That is what lts the new GamePlay trailer of scarlet and purple Pokémon, in which Nintendo is not kept anything and details everything we can find in the new deliveries of the saga. From the new academies in which the adventure begins, with the so-called Treury search that will give the starting gun to history, to the special transformations of this edition, a phenomenon known teracristalization.

In the video you will find the new evolution of Gigafarad, Farigiraf (often palliatives they will form both names); some of the evidence that the renewed gyms will raise; the dimensions of the map and the importance of moving and traveling by vehicle (motorcycle); MT (which are now manufactured in Pokémon centers, but allow a single use); and even unpublished minijuegos in the saga , among which are the snack (the possibility of going from picnic and making sandwiches).

Needless to say that the trailer is plagued by Pokémon and scenarios that we had not seen, most of the allusions to Spain, the place where scarlet and purple will be set. Because yes, 25 years later and after dozens of deliveries, the franchise will travel to our region and will be loaded with winks to our culture: that if the sacred family a Pokémon gym , the mills of Ctile in one of the new Routes, the Almería desert, the Plaza Mayor of Madrid, References to Flamenco and Saudi

Among the novelties of the trailer and the references of the cting region of Pale, we cannot have more desire to put the glove to the games when they arrive to Nintendo Switch on November 18 . If you have not reserved any and want to know what each version will bring, click on this link to know the differences between scarlet and purple.