Blade and Soul

Overframe, changed the game name to Paragon: The Overframe

Net marble (CEO Won Youngest, Do Kiosk) announced on the 14th that it has changed the game name of the 3D TPS PC game ‘Over frame’, which is currently under development, to Paragon: The Overprice.

‘Over frame’ is a project that started when the team ‘Soul Eve’ used the content of the action MOB game ‘Paragon’ distributed by Epic Games. ‘Over frame’ has borrowed the method of combining the original framework of the original TPS and MOB genre.

Last year, the team ‘Soul Eve’ joined Net marble and continued to develop ‘Overtime’, and in April, the second closed pilot test was conducted through the global game distribution platform ‘Steam’.

Net marble conducted a process of transfer of the ‘Paragon’ trademark from Epic Games to show the ‘Overtime’ game more clearly, and changed its name to Paragon: The Over frame.

Paragon: The Over frame is a PC game with a third-person shooting and a MOB genre, a strategic action game where the two teams destroy each other’s base. This game is divided into a warrior, a supporter, a long-range dealer, a wizard, a tanker, a hero, a hero, a ‘jump pad’ that can be moved quickly to the battlefield, a ‘shadow pond’ that can be hidden, AI (artificial intelligence) NPC ‘Minion ‘Various strategy battles are possible through’.

Paragon: The Over frame will be serviced on the global game distribution platform ‘Steam’, and more information can be found on the Steam Page and the official website.