Are there multiple finals in plague tale requiem? Answered

The original plague tale was praised by critics for his exciting story and his convincing characters, but both the plot and the design of the game were very linear. So what happens to the sequel? Are there multiple finals in plague tale requiem? This is what you need to know.

Multiple finals in plague tale requiem explained

No, there are no multiple endings in plague tale requiem. As happened in the first game, there is a clear end that developers wanted everyone to experience.

History takes you to its conclusion, and there are no branched dialogue options or any type butterfly effect system that alters the way history develops.

As such, you do not have to worry that your actions affect the development of the story despite how the game frames certain actions you perform during history, the segments of the game, etc. He simply plays the game as best seems to you and the narrative will not be affected.

That can be a disappointment for some, but here in we really like to plague tale requiem to have a foot in the old school, so to speak, with the way it addresses its history. Sit down, relax and enjoy the trip as the developers intended to discover it.

It is a breath of fresh air, in many ways, simply load and lock yourself in an experience based on history that does not ask you to make decisions, that so often in video games they feel as if they had no decision. Appropriate consequence or fill out the story unnecessarily.

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