Hertha President Bernstein for partial legalisation of pyrotechnics

I can not accept any kind of form of violence that might jeopardize other individuals, stated Bernstein in the Time (Thursday). Yet as it is now controlled, it does not bring about anything.

The head of state, who was only elected in June, has precise concepts: I am in favor of making component of the curve a pro area in which Bengals can be refuted as well as removed directly. Bernstein had actually previously spoken up for a conversation about a liable handling of pyrotechnics.

The burning of pyrotechnics is prohibited in football stadiums, it always results in debatable discussions between fans, official and politics. According to Bernstein, the followers have to be accommodated as well as offered them extra responsibility, then they would also justify them.

Of course, I desire to alter something, claimed Bernstein, that also shared general objection. We pant a sport afterwards that completely said is a moneymaker.