LOL: The most played champions in the history of the Worlds and the Aatrox Bestial Record in 2022

Unless the teams agree to ignore him in the finals, matrix will be the most presence champion in all the League of Legends worlds. The character appeared as a choice or ban on all Worlds 2022 playoff matches, an unfortunate feat that ends up not inging anything positive about the balancing of the game and that had happened six times throughout history-Zed (2013), Alistair (2014), Gangplank (2015), Middle (2016), Batista (2017) and Pantheon (2019) were the only other champions that accumulated 100% presence throughout the tournament. However, none of your cases are so special.

Matrix returns after five years, significant changes and 10 nerfs

If it accumulates 100% participation in competitive League of Legends tournaments is a unique challenge, which will happen to Matrix is even more difficult. The champion will become the first champion of history to complete two world championships as a priority number one for teams. He had done this in 2018, when he appeared in 76 of the 77 games played (98.7%). The champion only jumped the second quarterfinals game between KT Roster and Invictus Gaming.

The three most played champions of all world championships of League of Legends (main event only):

World 2011 -Nun (96.4%), Alistair (89.3%) Rumble (82.1%)
World 2012 -Real (90.3%), Jayce (83.9%) Shen (77.4%)
World 2013 -zed (100%), Shen (96.8%), Cork (93.7%)
World 2014 -Aalst (100%), Clean (96.2%), Lee Sin and Mackie (92.3%)
World 2015 -Gangplank (100%), Mordekaiser (98.6%), Elise (97.3%)
World 2016 -Middle (100%), Sandra (97.4%), Olaf (76.6%)
World 2017 -Batista (100%), Segueing and Jar van (98.8%), Janna (95%)

World 2018 -matrix (98.7%), Alistair (97.4%), Argot (94.8%)
World 2019 -Pantheon (100%), Diana (90.8%), Ayah (85%)
World 2020 -Lucian (93.4%), serious (92.1%), ORAN (90.8%)
World 2021 -LE Sin (98.8%), Twisted Fate (96.4%), Yuri (96.4%)
World 2022 -Matrix (100%), Yuri (94.7%) Segueing (89.3%)

The funny about Matrix dominion is that in the five years since he dominated the 2018 World Cup with full authority so far, he has received all kinds of adjustments. There were at least a dozen nerfs, most notably one that removed its capacity from revive . For those who do not remember, when his Rework was released he could revive if he died during the R (World Annihilator). After some patches, Riot established as a condition that he had killed an enemy champion to revive, and eventually removed this mechanics later.

In addition to these adjustments, other very heavy nerfs were made in the champion . She lost the ability to heal with troops, the buff for external healing (for example, W de Soraya or E and Yuri) was removed from her ult, and her damage has barely increased since Patch 8:13. Shy buffs on their ultimate who were offset by removing the chance of accumulating loads on their and (Umal advance), which he could before use twice within three seconds. In addition, the increase in attack damage that reached 55 ad bonuses (equivalent to almost one item) in the second and a half after activation of the same skill was removed.

Considering the situation, the truth is that it is easy to point out Matrix as one of the most problematic champions for the competitive League of Legends. A character who came back five years later thanks to the major changes in the durability update. Besides, it doesn’t look like he’s going out anytime soon. In ranked matches he continues to act at a good level and is a very secure option in almost any confrontation. Having become one of the most selected by Pro Players, it seems that the Riot Games will have to work harder if you want to avoid a repetition of the phenomenon this next season.