Stranger Things reveals the title of the first episode of seon 5 and shoots theories about Eddie Munson

This weekend the Stranger Things Day , held by Netflix with projections of the fourth seon in theaters of the United States and with ads such a Virtual Reality game of Stranger Things. It w too soon to also be shown news about the final seon , but still, the Duffer brothers have made an effort and have taken the opportunity to reveal one of their first mysteries: The name of episode 1 . The beginning of the end.

Thus, episode 1 of Stranger Things seon 5 will be called The Crawl , a name that may not tell you anything, but that many fans have already related to the character of Eddie Manson . Despite his tragic destination, Eddie h had such reception by Stranger Things fans that the series show runners could be thinking of rescue him in some way . Attentive to the lyrics of Mter of Puppets , the song of Metallica that played Eddie himself in the finale: Come crawling fter (fter) / obey your mter (mter) / Your life burns fter (fter) . Could be…?

When will seon 5 of Stranger Things arrive?

To get out of doubt, unfortunately, he will play patience. Much patience. David Harbor (the actor who gives life to Jim Hopper in fiction) sured a few months ago that the plan is Radar next year . Hawkins’ most beloved police began to take it calmly until 2024. They will just write these months and hopefully prepare everything. That is the Plan . Probably go to mid or late 2024 bed on me In our history.

And apart from the name of the first chapter, the other details we already know about Stranger Things seon 5 are that there will be a temporary leap and that will be shorter than the lt , whose chapters of an hour and a half have not finished liking every1. We do not want to lt again 13 hours. We want that it is about 10 am or something, the Duffer recognized. The lt seon will be longer than the first because we have many plots to close, but we do not believe that it will be long seon 4. We want episodes of the usual duration (40-50 minutes) .

For more information about the final seon of Stranger Things, of which it h also been said that it will be more similar to the original and that Will Byers would have a leading role , do not miss the report Stranger Things seon 5 in 5 Keys.