Blacktail will take another look at the misconception of Baba Yaga on December 15

If the outings are unusually invested the initial days of December, Focus chose this particular niche to introduce Blackmail, this first-person activity and journey game inspired by Slavic misconceptions.

_ As you discover to manage your bow and unleash your powers, you will end up being a witch is good-hearted or bad, depending on the ethical choices you take _, explains Emphasis.

As this brand-new discussion video discusses, the game is to explore the woodland to accumulate resources that will especially be utilized to make all type of arrowheads and also remedies. We can see a table of abilities to be unlocked allowing to become constantly more agile and also effective when faced with timber animals, some working as unusual interlocutors.



The first game of the Polish workshop The para sight, Blackmail places us at the controls of Saga, who this time is not an ugly grandma however a young outspoken 16-year-old Spartacus. Deserted by her only ally, her missing sibling Zora, Saga seizes her bow as well as embarks on a journey that will certainly establish her place in a world that does not want her.

Blacktail-Presentation of the gameplay