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Wemade Play, Lim Young -woong as a promotional model for Ani Pang

Remade Play (CEO Lee Honda) announced on the 9th that it will select singer LIM Young-woong as a promotional model for its representative IP ‘Sniping’ and will hold various events for both users with LIM Young-woong.

Remade Play has been searching for a promotional model that fits the modifier ‘National Game’, which symbolizes the popularity of ‘ANI Pang’, and has grown into a national singer, and LIM Young-woong, who has an unchanging effort and humility, will tell the story of Sniping. I decided to be a partner. In particular, the company explained that the fan base of Sniping and LIM Young-woong, who are all ages, will also be a common denominator for consensus.

Remade Play’s ‘Sniping’, which was accompanied by LIM Young-woong, who became a national singer, was released in 2012 and is the only national game title game in Korea. Since its launch, the national game lineage has continued, including ‘ANI Pang’, which has been ranked in the top of the puzzle game for 10 years, and only 2 million cumulative users of four direct series and various launch games. Remade Play will select LIM Young-woong’s promotional model, and will carry out a massive Sniping rebranding through its own user pool.

Remade Play Coordination Director, Marketing Director, said, We expect anyone to deliver the sensitivity and pleasure of the various activities of Sniping and LIM Young-woong, from the customers who know the first Sniping 10 years ago to the customers who enjoy the present ANI Pang 4.

LIM Young-woong, who became a promotional model, said, We are new to the game field, but we will provide national pleasure for both fans and digital content users who enjoy popular culture. I give you.


LIM Young-woong, who will be on the official action for game fans and music fans starting with the announcement of the model selection, will tell the story of ‘Sniping’ through TV, radio and various online channels.